Holiday Menu

I’m thrilled (and slightly anxious it’s fine I’m fine everything’s fine) to be offering a limited holiday menu of cakes, pies, and breads for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s! I say anxious because I’ve never dipped my toe too far into the pool when it comes to sharing the things I bake, and even still, I share them with the emotional disposition of a third grader ringing the doorbell at the house of someone they like and then getting afraid and running away before it’s too late. But I love to bake. Something inside me opens up when I get to craft something with my hands, bring to life something I’ve imagined. And at the root of everything — even batch & loaf itself — is the desire I have to share that experience with other people. My hope is that every bite of something I’ve made could open up the poetry of food for the person eating it and divine love contained therein.

Now here’s that menu:

cardamom coffee w/espresso buttercream
almond & amaretto
chocolate raspberry
pumpkin spice

6″ – $25
8″ – $30
10″ – $35
chocolate peppermint
maple pear

9″ pie – $18

sourdough banana bread
yeast rolls

mini loaves – $5/each or 3 for $12 (mix and match)
whole loaf – $15
rolls – $15/dozen

$15/dozen or $40/3 dozen
iced unless otherwise requested
*allergen info: contain almonds, pecans, citrus

Contact me with any questions! Local orders only.

Use this form to order:

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