Creatively Chosen

I recently had the privilege of doing some headshots, candids, product photos, and process photos for a dear friend of mine who just launched her website Creatively Chosen and made it possible for you and me to own a piece of her prayerful and deeply beautiful art. So you should click, click, click and see what she has available because she’s truly gifted.

On a personal note, capturing these photos was an absolute joy. Her creativity sparked my own, and I have to say that I’m thrilled with some of the shots we got. Working through processing all the photos we took, I’m noticing how much my style and my eye has changed since I first picked up a camera nine years ago. And the progress (though small) that I’ve made creatively gives me hope in other areas of my life. Just today, I was baking and I made a Swiss buttercream for the first time, which was coming together beautifully until it separated ever so slightly and the texture just got…weird. Still delicious, but weird. And I thought to myself, “Shouldn’t I be better at this by now?” Tempted to give into the weight of the insecurity in this thought, I find a certain comfort in knowing that I’ve only been baking cakes for about a year and a half, and there’s beauty in the progress I’ve made in that short time.

I’m reminded of something St. Philip Neri said: “One of the most excellent means of obtaining perseverance is discretion. We must not wish to do everything at once, or become a saint in four days.” I’m continually amazed at the opportunities God gives us in every single moment to become better, to make progress in holiness, to allow him to enter into our experience and illuminate it. Even something as mundane and seemingly unimportant as a buttercream frosting can be a reminder that holiness is a slow burn. The Lord works with our desires. He shows up in photo shoots with friends, in fresh flowers, in the warmth of a painting, in a just set meringue, in a cake that’s more mistake than success. He always shows up.



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